Who We Are

We’re All About You!

“Hello, and Welcome to The Fempreneur Network! I’m Sherill Calhoun, CEO and Founder. If you are here to learn how you can join forces with a network that will help fill the gaps in your business, then you are in the right place.” Click the video to learn more…

A Few Words About Us

The Fempreneur Network, LLC, is an online business finishing resource for female entrepreneurs/small business owners.

The term business “finishing” is defined as an opportunity for women who are launching new business ventures; transitioning from other business endeavors; or re-entering the workforce to learn and successfully implement 21st Century skills that they may not feel competent executing.

The Fempreneur Network is a membership driven business entity facilitated by CEO/Founder, Sherill Calhoun (see profile) and is strategically designed to connect member-defined needs with skilled, reliable and reputable resource solutions at a price point designed for main street fempreneurs.

Have You Mastered a 21st Century Skill?

The Fempreneur Puzzle

“Economic awakening for women starts with a vision and a desire to see future generations of daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters and friends prosper financially.” – Sherill Calhoun

I hope you will join me in a movement that will help lead the way for future generations of women all over the world.

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What We Offer:

The Fempreneur Network, LLC, is a very simple business model by design. The absolute goal is to connect fempreneurs with vetted, service driven solutions. In other words, we match member needs via a strategic plan, with just the right means to achieve real life results. No razzle dazzle…just skills that are applicable to 21st Century success.

We provide a 12 month Membership for just $149 or about ($0.41 a day) –

cents per day

This includes our 5 Simple Steps to 21st Century Success:

NEEDS ASSESSMENT – The assessment is our guide to determine what areas of 21st Century business acumen need to be improved.

ONE HOUR STRATEGIC PLANNING SESSION – upon completion of Needs Assessment you meet with our Founder, Sherill Calhoun.

VET RESOURCES – Opportunity to personally vet who you would like to do business with within the Resource Strategist umbrella during your 12 month membership.

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE  Opportunity to receive additional counseling from Founder, Sherill Calhoun, at no additional cost.

STRESS RELIEF – No more “wondering” about who can provide the skills you need at an affordable price.

Meet Some of Our Members

Our team of Resource Strategists are some of the most savvy, influential women in main street business today. They are “super connectors”, meaning they know how to help you leverage your business by meeting the right strategic partner(s) and are specifically well versed in “spotlight” marketing.

Junk Drawer Gypsy, Graphic Design Strategist

My love of vintage, junk and DIY projects is what inspires me to create fun and exciting projects. I’m here to be of service for the Fempreneur Network.